Coco Fausone Wilson

Coco Fausone Wilson

I grew up as a dancer. Spending most evenings in studios creating movement. I was really fortunate to have parents who danced at home and influential dance masters (Karen Mc Donald, Debbie Allen, Gloria Kalatzis) who taught me to show up, be powerful and make art.

Over the years, I’ve taught movement for children, High School dance class, cheer choreography, and staged yoga choreography for TV. In my leisure time, I’ve become more sporty, adventuring into running, surfing and snowboarding. Last year I completed my first marathon in LA.

More recently, the desire to try new things lead me to indoor cycling and yoga. I completed a YAS Fitness training course and I have been teaching “spinning” and yoga for six years ever since then. I’m blushingly proud of the community of riders I’ve built and the family vibe we have that reciprocally benefits our task to cleanse the body and soothe the mind.

Although I truly love the fitness career that I’ve pursued, my personal goals are broader. I’m in the second year of an experimental yoga nonprofit; benefiting

those with special circumstances that limit their ability to attend yoga classes outside of their home and organizations who want to weave yoga into the regular care of their employees. I am also engaged in a 200 hour yoga course that delves deeply into the art of breathing techniques (pranayama), study of yoga history by examining the ancient sutras and practicing biomechanics (Hatha Yoga) working poses to understand alignment of bones and muscles and how that practice influences better inner and outer health.

My strengths as an instructor are simple- my ability to create a mood and my honest connection with people. I offer a welcoming atmosphere for beginners and an opportunity for advanced students to explore and challenge their talents. So far my classes, reflect my love for music, my enthusiasm for exercising the body and my happy attitude. I plan to expand my knowledge and continue to live consciously.